Show us: Ambition, confidence, creativity, intelligence, a global outlook, your career progression, and your ability to collaborate.

The curriculum is current and global in its orientation. It is an exciting, creative program with multiple learning methods, including interactive technologies, class discussions, syndicate projects, case studies, group problem-solving activities, simulations and projects. You should be ready for the rigor of the course.

Admission Requirements
The aspirant should have atleast 2 years of experience in technology industry. The student must have completed graduation in technology / engineering / economics High level of Communication Skills

Submit registration form online
Student has to complete the application online.
Student has to mention the elective while submitting the application.
When registration is successful, the student will be notified via email. The students can also check the status online.

Documents to be submitted
Updated Resume
Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets
Two recommendation forms
Submission of essays mentioned in the registration form.

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Eligibilty Criteria
Candidates who have completed Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Technology / Science / Economics/ Maths / BBA with strong Quantitative skills. The candidates should have at least 3 years of experience. A strong commitment to one's own personal development.

We understand few of our students might be exceptional.

Special Clauses
Graduates who are entrepreneurs (with strong technology and quantitative aptitude) and have run an organization for at least 2 years.
Candidates from Government or Public Sector Organizations with Associate Membership qualification (AMIE, AESI, AMIM, AMII ChemE) and having two years of experience, can apply for admissions.
Candidates specially identified as specialists and sponsored by the Industries, Corporate, established Institutes, R&D Organizations or National laboratories.

Only in special cases can the admissions team sanction conditional admission to certain aspirants. The conditions shall be mentioned by the Admission Team to ensure the eligibility of the candidate to take up the rigor of the course.

Registration Process

All students have to fill the registration form and have to submit the form along with the scanned copies of required documentation on or before due date to the concerned authority - online provision only. Late registration forms will not be accepted. Students has to specify area of specialization.

Intimation of selection
Whenever a student's application for registration in courses has been approved and all requirements related to such Registration of Courses have been satisfactorily fulfilled, the relevant program authority the student shall be informed via email and phone.
On confirmation of admission, every candidate will get a roll number that will be her/his identity as a student for the programme. Every student will use that roll number for all purposes at the Institute. S/he is required to complete all formalities of registration process of the programme enabling MBA (E) programme office to register all the courses for all students as per requirement of MBA (E) programme using login id through the computerized “Online Registration” option. The registration for each semester is to be carried out separately and is mandatory for all student until they complete the programme As of now, students have to register for all courses and there are no electives.

Change of specialization
A student registered in a program may not change his/her course unless he/she has obtained the permission from the Program Office.

Withdrawal from the course
Whenever a student's application to withdraw from the course(s) has been approved and all requirements related to such withdrawal satisfactorily fulfilled, the relevant program authority shall inform the examinations and forward the original document to the Students personal file. Also “W” grade will be mentioned on the transcript. Withdrawal from courses will not be allowed in cases where the student’s absences have exceeded beyond the permitted quota (20%) by the university.

Document Requirements

Every applicant to the program is expected to submit the following documentation before being admitted:
Updated resume.
Degree certificate and mark sheet/s.
Two completed ‘Recommendation for Admission’ forms - Recommendation for Admission preferably to be written by senior level executives or immediate supervisor of the candidate. The individuals writing the letters should include their knowledge of the candidate’s professional achievements, potential for future managerial success, capacity to handle post graduate business education and personal attributes such as motivation, integrity and leadership ability. If the candidate is self-employed, the recommendations may be completed by a colleague or client who the candidate works with.
Letter of Commitment from the employer /Self-commitment letter in case self employed. The letter should describe the candidate’s employer's understanding of the time required to complete the program and the organization's agreement, if any, for financial support. A selfemployed candidate is expected to write and submit a statement of self-commitment.
Experience certificate along with employment certificate.
Essays - one of the three.
Explain why you want to earn an MBA (E) and how it will contribute to your personal and professional goals.
The most challenging team experience for the candidate including the role the candidate played, the factors that made it a challenge, how the group addressed the issues, and learnings from the experience.
Given your already demanding job and the desire to remain committed to important personal obligations, how do you plan to handle the additional demands on your time once you enroll?.
Personal Statement - Personal statement should include a brief about the candidate’s background including past work experience, outside interests and any other information that the candidate would like to share.
Submission of Certificates
As part of the admission process, all candidates are required to produce the original degree certificates & mark-sheets at the time of interview and also provide a self-attested photocopy of the same.
All the candidates will be required to produce the degree certificates & mark sheets at the time of registration again.
The students who are unable to present their certificates should apply for extension along with an undertaking giving proper reasons & also stating the due date for submission.
In case a student does not submit the certificates until the commencement of the next semester, s/he would be allowed to appear in the examination. However, the results of such a student shall be withheld until the required documents are produced.

The tuition fees for the Class of 2018 are: INR 4,00,000/-. The fee has to be paid in two installments. This covers tuition, academic materials and library access. You will also need to budget for transport. Financing options are available from Indian Bank, GITAM University Campus, Hyderabad

First Installment: ₹ 2,50,000

Second Installment: ₹ 1,50,000

Bank: IDBI Bank idbi logo

Start paying after 3 years

Loan Terms and Conditions

 -  100% Loan without Collateral

 -  Interest Rate 9%

 -  3 years moratorium

 -  Simple interest charged during moratorium period