Whether you are just starting your career or already considered an expert in your field, continuing to develop your knowledge and skills is always a good idea. Maybe you would like to become a more effective storyteller, project manager of negotiator in 2017? Or if you have managerial aspirations than the essential courses on all business areas would be a great way to kick off. Your next step? Just contact our programme advisor and discover which programme will suit you best.


Is my MBA Recognized? Which University gives me the Degree?

EMC2 is a UGC Recognized program. GITAM University awards MBA (E) degree for you. GITAM University is NAAC A+ Accredited University and considered one of the best in India.

What is Technology MBA?

The MBA (E) in Technology from EMC2 makes sure you are prepared for the changes in Technology Organizations in Industry 4.0

Whether you want to become an Analyst or Solution Architect or be a Manager or a Global Leader. Be in Marketing or Sales or in Presales or in Business Development or if you want to be a HR – whatever be the role the program provides you the skill, knowledge and practical exposure to excel in Technology Industry.

You will be introduced to Automation technologies – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Visualization and more. Please refer to http://emc2india.com/academics/course_term4

What is the specialization?

You get specialization in Technology. You have three options under Technology specialization. The Tech MBA is structured around three experiential pillars: - core business, technology specializations and a experiential module - project in which the students will develop a new business idea from concept to launch.

The program offers three specializations:

   Technology Product Leadership

    The growth of our economy has been largely determined by innovation and original product development. The ever-increasing demands for product functions, coupled with low cost, high quality, and short lead-time requirements, have made product development a very complex and inter-disciplinary activity. The recent high-tech revolutions and stringent environmental concerns have further contributed to the complexity of modern product development.

    There exists a great human resource need in the areas of new product development. There is huge requirement in Product space in India

   Technology Service Leadership

    India is the world's largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The industry employs about 10 million workforces. Whatever be the political, social and economic scenario, it is undisputed that world looks to India for technology services. From Y2K to current innovative organizations, India has been reemerging in terms of offering services to the world.

    Changing Times. We are at a juncture to reemerge and gain skills required for the new Industry and new technologies that are replacing old ones. A Java developer or a Dot Net developer are no longer required. Leaders who can think holistically, who can grasp new technologies and be technology agnostic is what is the need of the day.

    EMC2 - Technology Services Leadership – specialization helps students to grasp knowledge required for managing and leading new technologies. The students get the knowledge of Big Data, IoT, Cyber Security, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Ecommerce. They get information on how to make effective presentations to customers, how to respond to RFPs and how to manage teams. This is a holistic education designed for engineers to lead the future.

   Technology Sales Leadership

    EMC2 specialization for high technology marketing products combines basic marketing concepts (product, price, distribution, marketing communication and promotion pricing) with aspects that are unique to “new-to-the-world” products.

    These include time-based diffusion, target marketing to cross the chasm, network effects, rapid cost declines, information goods (no variable cost, just fixed costs) versus industrial goods (mainly variable costs), product bundling and versioning. Students preparing for careers in marketing high-technology products such as hardware and software, IoT, Big Data, Cyber Security and other emerging opportunities should establish a strong base in this program.

What is dual post graduation?

In just 18 months, immersed in a single integrated curriculum, EMC2 students can earn two postgraduate programs: Master of Business Administration (Exec) – A University awarded degree and a post graduate program in technology.

The aim of the MBA (E) Program is to obtain sufficient knowledge, skills and insight into the subject matter being studied to enable a graduate to grow into and/or hold a higher management position.

Classroom sessions will be conducted on 78 Saturdays for 7 hours and 18 Sundays for 3 hours.

   Management Modules - 432 Hours.

   Technology Modules - 168 Hours.

The program consists of general courses which give exposure to Management subjects, electives as core courses that lead to specialization and technology specific courses to prepare the students for technology specific management roles. Academics section will provide more details about the structure of the program.

Is it part-time degree?

It is not a part-time degree. You get a Masters – MBA (E)

Should we attend the classes in person?

Yes. According to UGC guidelines you should attend 600 hours. 70% attendance is mandatory. You’re expected to maintain a good level of attendance to your course or programme of study. You should engage with all formal teaching and learning activities. If you can’t attend, you must tell your school or department as soon as possible. Long or regular periods of absence will be monitored by the school.

What if I am out of station during a term exam?

If you can’t take a term exam because you are unwell or because you have been absent from teaching, you must do the following things before the deadline has passed:

    -   speak to your coordinator

    -   request a different date

    -   submit a leave form

Where are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted in GITAM University Campus, Patancheru, Hyderabad.

Is the program available in other cities?

At the moment, EMC2 is not available in other cities.

In case, I go out of station?

There is a webinar facility. All classes are recorded and made available online.

What is the fee?

Studying at University is one of the most significant investments you will ever make and we did our best to price it as low as possible for the quality we are offering. However, help is at hand; the University will provide all the support through loans to take control of your finances.

Fee is Rs.4,00,000/-
Instalment 1: September 2017: Rs.2,50,000/-
Instalment 2: September 2018, Rs.1,50,000/-
Loan facility is available from Indian Bank and IDBI Bank.
Interest Rate: 9.5%
Repayment schedule s tarts October 2019.

When will my EMI start?

Your EMI starts October 2019.

Do I need to pay any interest during the course?

Yes. A simple interest which comes down to around Rs.3000/- will be charges monthly. It is not compounded for the EMI from October 2019.

Can I contact the bank manager?

The details are as below:

Badugu Zakharia David,
Asst. Mngr, Idbi Bank Ltd,
Mob: +91-9346289191

Phone: 8466998538
Indian Bank
GITAM University Campus

What about placements?

At EMC2, we are committed to helping you develop your employability and find the career that's right for you. We have long-standing relationships with hundreds of employers, from small businesses to global organisations. They provide input into our ourses to make sure they are up to date and frequently visit the University to share their knowledge and opportunities.

We will be showing opportunities from Term 2 onwards.

EMC2 has a HR club who meet on the campus once in a month for panel discussions and seminars. The students get an opportunity to network with them.

I want to be an entrepreneur. How will I gain from the program?

An MBA provides you holistic understanding of a situation without which it is very difficult to be an entrepreneur. You will learn problem solving skills, analytical skills. You will be able to see a big picture, define a vision, strategize plans, take care of funding, develop marketing and a network and take your organization forward. We will assign you a mentor for your startup.

How are exams conducted?

There are totally four terms. Each terms has an exam. Exams are mostly case analysis based.

Can I become a HR executive using this program?

The program is suited for all roles in a Technology organization:

We will be showing opportunities from Term 2 onwards.

    -   Leaders in Tech Industry
    -   Project / Program Management
    -   Functional / Business Analyst
    -   Human Resources
    -   Strategy
    -   Finance
    -   Presales
    -   Marketing
    -   Operations

Can I transfer any credits from my previous program towards EMC2 program?

No. All courses are mandatory.

Is there a next batch?

Yes. We review and publish tuition fees every year. it is important to check your course/programme fees regularly. You should be prepared for a hike of 30% to 50% for the next season.

When is the next batch?

Please register on the site. We will get back to you.

What organizations have you tied up with?

Please call us on 9000701020 for more discussion related to this.

What is the application process?

Register online and start filling the application.

You will be interviewed by the Dean and Director of GITAM University. You need to submit two recommendation letters from people who know you very well.